Airworks' Genesis is a revolutionary 12-Volt AC system designed and engineered by Tiger Tool. With more than 30 years of experience in the trucking industry, Tiger knows the importance of performance, quality and safety. These are also the core principles driving the inception of the Airworks' brand - the most advanced, state-of-the-art,
no-idle cab comfort solution that's perfect for individual rigs and entire fleets.


The Genesis 100—Helping improve the bottom line while keeping drivers cool and comfortable. 

Attract & Retain The Best Employees

When you make the decision to install the Airworks Genesis 100, you’re telling your operators that their comfort and safety are important to you. In addition, with driver turnover-rates averaging in the ninetieth percentile (American Trucking Association 2012-2015), attracting and retaining the best employees is paramount. Happy employees say something about your company and stay with you, resulting in significant cost savings.

Lower Expensive Operation Costs

When you idle your truck to keep the AC running, it costs you. Idling your truck overnight causes expensive, unnecessary fuel waste and leads to more frequent maintenance—taking your truck off the road more often. For example, general maintenance for DPF filters can occur as frequently as 4,000-5,000 hours. As DPF filters fill up with ash, exhaust flow becomes more restricted which means you use more fuel when you drive, so you will need to maintain the filters more often and replace them sooner. Keeping your truck on the road longer ensures more money in your pocket over the long haul.

Complies With No-Idle Laws

As idling laws become more enforced and financially onerous, it’s more important than ever to make the switch to no-idle air conditioning. Idling your truck in restricted zones can result in penalties between $50 and $5,000 per occurrence.

Well-Rested & Alert Operators

There's no easier way to increase safety while behind the wheel than getting a good night's sleep. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, between 2005 and 2009 an average of 83,000 vehicle crashes each year were related to drowsy driving. Well-rested drivers react quicker, drive safer, and stay on schedule.

It’s important to fully understand your ROI.
The proof is in the numbers.


When using the Airworks Genesis 100, you can realize an estimated savings of $18,833 in just 5 years. In approximately 15 months, the full cost of the Genesis 100 and it's Battery System can be completely recovered! See the entire study here.

We have collected data from multiple truck dealerships across regions in the USA. The metrics used are based upon average shop rates, maintenance intervals, parts, and fuel costs. For additional information regarding these metrics, contact us today.

The Genesis 100
Like nothing else.

Take a closer look at the unique features that make the Genesis 100 stand out from the rest.


The Genesis 100 produces enough cooling power to change, maintain, and control the temperature of the cab—and is powerful enough to make these changes quickly regardless of the cab's internal temperature when you start the system. The Genesis 100 doesn’t just pick up where the engine’s AC left off, meaning you can keep the cab cool in the warmest, most uncomfortable climates.



AccuSpeed is a proprietary control function built into every Genesis 100. Once a desired temperature is selected, AccuSpeed calculates the difference between the actual temperature and the set-point to determine the most efficient cooling parameters for the system to utilize. What makes it so efficient? AccuSpeed minimizes spikes in current draw on electric motors and minimizes fluctuations in fan speed to maximize energy resources. As a result, the Genesis 100 is less taxing on your batteries and helps minimize draw on your alternator.
The system is so efficient you’ll be able to utilize your Genesis 100 as often as you'd like.



In order to take up minimal interior cab space, the majority of the system is placed on the outside of the vehicle. Therefore, the Genesis 100 is made from materials that withstand severe man-made and natural elements. The external structural components are made from corrosion proof, high-grade, 316 stainless steel. 316 stainless steel is corrosion resistant because it contains Molybdenum. Other components are made from anodized aluminum and weather-sealed electrical components which resist water and corrosive elements. The Genesis 100 will not rust or deteriorate in harsh environments and will retain its exceptional appearance throughout its lifetime.



Electronic components in the external part of the system are IP67 & 68 certified (the rating of protection against
liquids and particles). IP67 components are protected against the effect of temporary immersion between 6"
and 39" deep, while IP68 components are protected against long periods of immersion under pressure.
When driving down the road, the air flow behind the truck becomes turbulent and sprays moisture
and chemicals from the road onto the back of the truck where vital electrical components are
mounted. The highly-rated components in the Genesis 100 eliminate any negative effects on
performance that would otherwise be caused by the road’s moisture and chemicals.



Airworks has taken safety to a higher level with the development of its patent pending SafeStop technology. SafeStop is a proprietary device that automatically disconnects all electrical power to the system in the event of an electrical short, high amperage draw, or excessive heat from an electrical component. SafeStop shuts off the electrical fuel at the source, eliminating the potential for fire and other electrical hazards. With SafeStop you can truly rest easy knowing you and your equipment are fully protected.




The Genesis 100 is compatible with the following: 


Airworks Battery System

Extend your run-time and stay comfortable throughout the night with a 4 or 6 auxiliary battery system.

Starting Capacitor

Add a capacitor to the OEM battery system to ensure your truck will always start, regardless of the state-of-charge on the batteries.

Solar Power

Let a solar panel charge your batteries during the day so if you’re parked with your rig off, the batteries will continue to charge.

Shore Power

Easily connect into any 120V source to have your accessories and on-board batteries charged and powered.


Utilize a Webasto or Espar heater to keep you warm during those cold nights.


Upgrade to a top tier alternator so you can recharge and use your Genesis 100 even longer. 



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